3 sprouts

this adorable pink elephant bin is in hadley's nursery. obviously, right... as you see it here in the picture. stick with me though. i am sharing this picture again for a reason.
this bin is a great catch-all for her toys now. though it started out as a blanket holder. gotta love multi-functional pieces!

3 sprouts also has so many other cute things for kid and nursery decor, all with such unique animal appliques on them. i want to get hadley a few more things for her room. i am a fan of organization. just wish i had all the time in the world to do it. but this is reality... and i don't. back to the adorable items from 3 sprouts. take a look below and i think you'll agree.

alligator wall organizer

piggy caddy
mouse caddy
raccoon bin
peacock box
cow soft seat (i so want this one for hadley)
see, don't you agree that it's pretty darn cute and functional!


Allison said...

Love 3 Sprouts! I think Henry needs that raccoon bin for his room. Have you seen their hooded towels? Adorable.

Mom said...

I certainly agree!

Bettina said...

Oh, I love the peacock box.