a year ago

one year and two weeks ago sweet cheeks had strep. that girl is so susceptible to strep still to this day.

one year and one week ago we were up having a great weekend with our friends at their mountain house. then suddenly i started to feel tired and weak. next thing i knew i was feeling sick to my stomach. all in a matter of two days. i was pretty sure that i had caught strep from sweet cheeks.

4 days later i was getting pretty upset that i couldn't kick whatever was making me feel so horrible. i was still tired, nauseous, and now crabby. poor hubby and sweet cheeks.

it took me a whole week of being sick to even consider the notion of pregnancy. so on my way to work, a wed morning, i stopped at cvs to pick up a test. got to work, peed on the stick (like i had a gazillion times before- i was so sadly quite experienced at this), and had a heart attack in the bathroom stall when i saw a second line appeared. the tears just started coming uncontrollably. i could not believe that despite 3 failed iui's (and thousands of dollars later), we were pregnant. the tears came because i was scared to death. the fear of a miscarriage, the fear of not being on progesterone, the fear of everything baby flooded me. i called the hubby to tell him. i was shaking. he was calm, cool, and said he already knew it. he's that good.

that was september 7th, 2010, the day before my 34th birthday. turns out it wasn't strep. i was 7 weeks pregnant. and boy did i, the husband, and caroline have to endure many more weeks of sickness. it was a rough ride. the whole time though i knew i was having a girl. i just knew it sweet cheeks would get a sister. some birthday present.

what a difference a year can make...


Mom said...

... and what a year it has been!

Sara said...

love those dimples :) Hope you have a great birthday!!

Heather said...

Love this!! You have such adorable girls!!

Bettina said...

And I'll never forget it. It was a great bday present for you :-)