trendy girls for fall

zara now has online shopping for kids!

it is times like now that i am sad for sweet cheeks to wear a uniform to school when she could be rockin' some of the clothes below- and we know she would rock them.


how adorable is this. love the brown with the orange
for the fancier side of sweet cheeks

love this polka dot skirt w/ belt
shoes...because sweet cheeks love shoes! don't know where she gets that from.

a scarf... oh yes, she could pull this off no problem

leopard print ear muffs for those cold recesses.. she could get away with this one at school

and the purse. omg the purse. i would use a purse like this
and even though they do have zara baby, the only thing i really saw that i would put on sweet eyes is this striped dress. everything else is adorable but just doesn't look comfortable or functional for a 4 month old
definitely worth checking out zara- boys for some really cute tees.


Mom said...

Darn those uniforms! But you really ought to be thankful all these cute things are not in her closet, imagine how long it would take her to decide which to wear.

Heather said...

Love your style!! I'll have to check it out!

Sara said...

love the floral dress, I saw a top at target similar I wanted in women's today!