month four

i apparently will never be on time with my postings for each month, given the fact that hadley turned 5 months on sept 29th. what can you do!

so here i am doing her 4 month post... today.

and at month four, hadley:

  • weighs 15.9 oz
  • eats twice a night. can't wait to get her down to 1 feeding. this happens every so often. and i stress.... every.... so.... often
  • eats about 5.5 oz of formula in a bottle every 3 hours. she totals 7 bottles a day. she doesn't always finish her bottles though
  • still takes prevacid solutabs 15mg a day
  • started solids. she has tried oatmeal, peaches, and pears. in one sitting i am lucky to get about 3-4 bites in her. i can say she doesn't seem interested in eating but sure loves to watch us eat
  • rolls over from front to back and from back to front
  • was sleeping in her crib full-time but is having a little set back currently due to those horrible vaccinations. so she is back in the rock n play for a bit since they aggravated her reflux
  • wears size 3-6 mos
  • still eats her feet
  • still is a drool machine
  • is quite the giggler
  • loves to stand and bounce
  • intentionally kicks her crib aquarium on and off with her feet
  • when doing tummy time, actually moves around like a wiggle worm. the girl loves to be on the go already
  • is highly awesome as a little sister
  • is read to by her equally awesome big sister at bed time. more often than not she reads her "the very hungry caterpillar."
  • definitely seems like she knows her name
  • smiles when you sing to her

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Mom said...

It is always a treat to read your updates. She is truly a marvelous little girl.