alike in many ways

sweet cheeks woke up saturday morning with an idea in mind. sometimes her ideas are so far fetched and not even remotely possible, like building a fort the size of her bedroom. however, this idea was definitely doable. it was for her and hadley to dress alike that day. you know the camera was already in my hands when she said that!

she really took her time planning out an outfit for herself that could match with something in hadley's closet. i was pretty impressed with what she came up with. never mind how adorable it totally was to see them dressed alike.

what she ended up picking was a long sleeved tee under a tank top, tutu, leggings, and sparkly chucks. fortunately both girls had all of the requirements.

i love that sweet cheeks and sweet eyes are so good to each other. sisters are an amazing thing. seriously. i speak with lots of experience.

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Mom said...

She is amazing!