we took the girls to our annual pumpkin patch trip, which is just at a methodist church up the street from us. their earnings go to their teen youth group, so i like to think of us as supporters of a local cause! we have been taking caroline to this mini pumpkin patch since she was 2 and now hadley gets to enjoy it too. though i am not sure you'd actually say she enjoyed it when she hasn't a clue what a pumpkin is.

caroline loves holding hadley. this picture makes me laugh as i am pretty sure hads is trying to squirm away but caroline just keeps smiling and gripping!


Mom said...

There is something so special about family traditions. I'm sure Hadley will enjoy it as much as Caroline does.

JD said...

Love the hugging pic! We have a lot of similar shots of our boys! Baby A is always far less into it than his big brothers!