putting a foot down

i can't remember if i have mentioned livie & luca shoes here before. i don't think i have but they are definitely worth mentioning.

livie & luca

there. now check them out because they have some really adorable kids shoes.

when hadley hits her next shoe size, outgrowing her smaller shoes from see kai run, we'll definitely get a pair of these. then i can give you my own personal review of them. i do it all for the love of my blog. yes, that's why i buy hadley so many cute shoes. it's for the blog.

these red ones are my favorite of the girls

love these for boys.   i think this is a rare brand that the 
boys shoes are  cuter than the girls


Ginny said...

I think it's time to make the ultimate sacrifice for your followers and start buying and reviewing ladies shoes, for the love of the blog, of course. :)

Amy Shaughnessy said...

These are so cute! It is so hard to find cute little boy things sometimes. I have 2 boys and when I go shopping for them, I feel like all of the stores are saturated in nothing but PINK!