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there was a time for me when i would have down times at work. it seems those times have since past and i am constantly going going going. that is not necessarily a bad thing, as it does make the days go by faster, getting me home to the girls more quickly. it also means i can't blog from work anymore. that explains no wordless wed since last thursday (when i actually thought it was wed). so today i am just sharing the fact that i am busy at work and at home, and eventually i hope to get back into my blogging groove very soon.

caroline and hadley watch disney jr together, mostly 'octonauts' and 'mickey mouse clubhouse.' that is how good a big sister caroline is, that she will watch baby cartoons (as she calls them) with hadley.
disney jr is doing a yo-ho let's go summer thing and are having kids send in their picture w/ a disney character they color, and are showing some of them on tv. caroline was all about this since the minute she heard it. the girl wants her 5 minutes of fame every 5 minutes. so here are the girls with doc mcstuffins!

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Ginny said...

Caroline truly is a great sister.
Don't let yourself get weighed down by the blog. Although we miss you, anyone who reads it understands the responsibilities that must take priority. I love you!