something to wear

when sweet cheeks was four, i had a vendor on etsy, snuggle bug baby boutique, make her an outfit to wear on her birthday. it was a number 4 top that went with coordinating yoga-style pants.  she looked so cute on her birthday in it. she made the outfit all hers, of course, by accessorizing it with the crown and necklace. some things will never change for this one.

i came across a really sweet collection called zebi on kitsel (an awesome kids website you must check out), which reminded me of caroline's birthday outfit. 

i love the coordinating fabric in this graphic tee and yoga pant.  how sweet is that simple bird with the really long legs. i adore these colors together.


this is just one example of the cute boys sets by zebi. i love the off placement of the giraffe on the shirt. at least i think it is a giraffe. do you agree?

and how awesome is this bib with the tie on it!

as far as gifts go, i thought these burp cloths were very sweet.  again, i love all of their fabric choices. the colors are amazing. you can also get the burp clothes in this great paint can. what a clever packaging idea, right.

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