just around the corner

i am already getting super excited for chistmas. pinterest and today's cold snap are helping with that!

i feel like it is just around the corner. once you hit halloween, then it's turkey day, then the amazing holiday, christmas.  i love everything about it... the decorations, tree, stockings, advent calendars, giving gifts, getting holiday cards in the mail, watching kids open presents, baked goods, fires, cold temps, vacation days, lifetime movies (did i just admit that), and shopping. i love it all.

i already have shopping on my mind thanks to the amazing land of nod catalog i got in the mail yesterday. i adore this catalog. i want everything in it. they have such sweet, original room decor, old fashioned toys that actual utilize the imagination, great organizational items, and an overall clean, colorful look. love it all!

so, i decided i could (but won't) easily buy all the girls presents from here this year. i could forgo the gimmicky, overpriced, over-designed toys that the big name stores sell, but i am well aware the girls would miss getting those toys, as all of the commercial embed it in their little heads that these are the toys that santa must bring them.

so again i say... BUT if i were to buy all of the gifts from here, these are the sweet and simple gifts i would go with:

for hads:

i think i'd get it to say 'hadley,' though benjamin is a nice name ;)

and for caroline:

you can get an idea of their personalities based off the gifts, right?

62 days to go!


Sara said...

Ooh! what fun things!! I love making lists for the girls, some things they request, other things I just come across in catalogs or online searching. (then try to convince them the like my item over the big box toy store item ;) )

Ginny said...

Great ideas. Love the simpleness of these choices. Maybe Santa will select some of them for the girls.