let's bake

i can remember baking (not cooking!) a lot more with caroline when she was little than i do with either of the girls now. so i decided to start improving upon that. last weekend the girls and i made pumpkin cupcakes w cream cheese frosting. love that my girls both love anything pumpkin! it took me being an adult to appreciate yummy pumpkin goodness. so not only did the girls and i get to eat yummy cupcakes, we also had fun in the process of making them.

the girls did some of the measuring, all of the mixing, all of the liners in the tin, and most of the batter into the cupcake liners. i was pretty impressed with what a good job they did. and they kept it all fairly neat! now that is impressive.

she's a pro when it comes to cupcakes!

i really enjoyed watching hadley put the cupcake liners in the cupcake pan. i think this is probably the second time she has done this. maybe once before when we made muffins. she did it so meticulously.

sisters waiting for the cupcakes to bake.

next time i will remember to get an after shot of them enjoying their baked goodness.


Ginny said...

Sounds yummy! It's is great to see you sharing this special time with the girls.

Bettina said...

What fun. Love the last picture of the girls.