our family friday fun

we had a family fun weekend. it was very fall-ish for us.

here is a glimpse into our fun friday night. (more to come on our festive saturday)

first, we went to a little pumpkin patch at the church down the street from us. we have been getting pumpkins from here since caroline was 3. so it's tradition.

our fun did not stop there. the girls and i attempted to actually carve a pumpkin. i have never done this before. caroline carved one for the first time with her grandpa last year but this was our first time to do it ourselves. and i must say two things... pumpkin guts are gross and carving a pumpkin isn't so tough with a stencil. i think you can actually tell it is a ghost in our jack-o-lantern.

dare i say we did more after that! we proceeded to have a lovely fire and hot chocolate with marshmallows. yummy! it was such a laid-back kind of fun night. i think the girls really enjoyed themselves.

and now for the proof that fun was had by all!

pirates! arrghh!

 hadley's smile cracks me up here

caroline's legs are so long!

see...it's a ghost!

(hadley doesn't look like she was participating in family fun here, but i promise she was!)

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Ginny said...

What a great day!