can't get much better

we had a great weekend filled with lots of fun stuff. saturday we went to sweet cheek's cousin's 8th birthday party. the kids went bowling and it was sweet cheeks first time participating in the game. thankfully she only took a few turns, donated by her generous cousins, and she really enjoyed it. she had fun seeing all of her cousins. sunday we took sweet cheeks to the movies to see "shrek the third." she is a huge fan of the first two shrek movies, so i thought it was a given that she would love this one. sadly, she didn't. the movie was hilarious for an adult but i really thought it was too dark for a child, especially a toddler. she kept asking me when the funny parts were coming. needless to say, we won't be purchasing the newest shrek movie for her. now when it comes to the first shrek, sweets cheeks, her daddy, and myself all know the movie line for line by now! thankfully we all think it is quite funny.

here are some of my newest favorite pictures of sweet cheeks. i am always amazed at how i can think to myself that she can't possibly get any cuter but she does, daily! i seriously love this girl from head to toe. not only is she the cutest but she is absolutely the smartest and sweetest little girl. she is great with her manners and always remembers to say "please" and "thank you."

this picture cracks me up! you can see sweet cheeks doing one of the things she loves to do... line up her toys to make a choochoo train. so cute.

i so enjoy seeing my baby girl in pigtails. they are so freakin cute on her.

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