thursday thirteen

it is already thursday! where has the week gone? it has been a busy week already. i took sweet cheeks to the doctor on tuesday, only to find out her strep test from two saturdays ago was positive. i took her to the doctor but because it was a saturday, the office lab was closed. we went ahead and started her on antibiotics in case. i was told i would get a call monday to confirm whether or not the test was positive. i never received the call, so i called them on tuesday and was told it was in fact negative. jump ahead to this past tuesday, i take caroline back to the doctor and was told it was positive. i was a bit upset about the mistake that they had made. so, we had to start her on another round of antibiotics. she is taking pencillin now and it must taste like absolute crap because it is a sheer struggle trying to get this girl to take her medicine twice daily. bribes of candy & sweets aren't even working, so you know it has to be bad. due to her sickness, i have been a cleaning fool trying to rid the house of all strep germs. i have stripped all 3 beds and sprayed down every toy that i possibly could. the mound of laundry currently in my laundry room is so SCARY.

it is thursday... time for my thursday thirteen. my topic de jour is tv shows i watched as a kid. let me know if any of these were some of your favs too! (these are in no particular order because really, who could choose!)

1. growing pains - because that kirk cameron was such a cutie. mike & carol seaver were the ultimate in parenting. how did that show ever get away with having a character named "boner?"
2. inspector gadget- remember penny?
3. doogie howser md- because we all loved and laughed at this adorable 8 year old doctor. how believable was that? i will say though that neil patrick harris is freakin hilarious on the show "how i met your mother." no doubt the husband and i crack up every single time he says, "suit up."
4. the hogan family- pretty sure this is when my love for jason bateman began.

5. saved by the bell- though i couldn't actually watch it on tv myself because our tv at home only got two channels, my cousin was always kind enough to record it for me and send me the vhs tapes. we all remember jesse's addiction to caffeine pills and her singing "i'm so excited." too funny.
6. jabber jaw - great cartoon.
7. punky brewster- oh, punky! you were my favorite show for so long. i used to even think i looked like you as a kid since we both had brown hair and freckles. you know how all of us freckled brunettes look alike :)
8. mr belvedere- i still want a funny englishman butler living with us in a our small 4 bedroom suburbian household. it makes everything so much easier to handle!
9. kids incorporated- i wasn't sure if i should list this show since i have such a distaste for fergie now, but back then, she wasn't fergie she was stacy and stacy was a-ok by me.
10. little house on the prairie- hasn't everyone in american seen this show at least once? it is an american staple thanks to michael landon.
11. heckle and jeckle- i remember loving this cartoon but seems whenever i ask anyone about it, no one else remembers it. these two crazy birds!
12. double dare- yippy for kid obstacle courses. it was a fight between the sister and i for this one. i wanted to watch double dare, but sadly it was on the same time as dance party usa. i think we fought daily on this one.
13. 90210- so i wasn't a kid the entire time for this one but i am still putting it on my list. this show changed the history of tv, didn't it. ok, maybe that is a little much but what a show it was. weren't we all so happy that donna was saving herself? didn't we all love that dylan was such a reble? wasn't the peach pit the coolest hang out ever? wasn't it hilarious when brenda and kelly wore the same dress to the prom? wasn't poor david such a dork, made even worse by the fact that he wanted to be a white rapper? what was with andrea being a 30-something highschooler? wasn't brandon the perfect guy? how did steve even make it on this show?

share your favorite shows with me now.

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