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it has been way too long since my last post. family and travel most often come first, so that is why i haven't posted. we had a great weekend with sweet cheeks dad's family. his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were all in from ohio to celebrate his grandpa's 90th birthday. yes, his 90th birthday! he has been in treatment for cancer which has weakened him physically, as well as changed the sound of his voice, but he is still so amazingly together mentally. he is such a smart man with a lot of great stories to share. it was really fun watching sweet cheeks spend time with her cousins. nana even bought the girls matching watermelon outfits to wear to dinner. they were all so freakin cute together!
sweet cheek's aunt was kind enough to share this amazingly sweet photo of sweet cheeks with her daddy. what a sweet shot.

and a not so sweet shot.... i told them to pretend they were picking their nose. i think sweet cheeks knew how pretend more so than her daddy.

now having just returned home from NY, i have decided to make my thursday thirteen on things i didn't like about NYC (though i admit there could be another 13 of things i did like)

1. smelly taxi rides
2. smelly bathrooms (even in the hotel)
3. smelly walks in the street
4. kids being out in the streets after 11:00pm
5. feeling like i was really lacking in the fashion department
6. fear of getting mugged! (i watch too much tv)
7. too many starbucks and duane reade stores on every corner
8. too many highrises. no fun for a girl who is afraid of heights. yup, even my hotel room was on the 18th floor
9. tired feet from walking everywhere
10. no greenery! i fear kids growing up in the city won't know what grass or trees are.
11. flying to get to NYC
12. no celebrity sightings, not even B or C celebrities... nothing!
13. missed the family

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