up up and away

we took a family vacation to new jersey this past weekend. can the words new jersey & vacation even go together? we are proof that it is possible. this was our first vacation in which we flew to our destination. it was sweet cheeks first trip in an airplane and she did better than could be expected(and better than me). i brought about 10 lollipops to last a 2-hour plane trip and only needed 1. she slept for over an hour on the flight. i was happy about that. she woke up when the plane was landing, shifting from about 500mph to about 0mph! the trip up was made possible thanks to our family traveling up with us. sweet cheek's daddy broke a bone in his left foot and ankle the saturday prior to us leaving, which did not making traveling very easy. to say i was not happy about the situation was putting it nicely. we survived.

sweet cheeks adores her cousin so much. i crack up watching her emulate every little thing her cousin does. at one point during our vacation i overheard her cousin say to sweet cheeks, "sometimes i need a little pri-va-cy, that means alone time." sweet cheeks proceeded to follow her around the living room some more. she just can't take a hint!

nothing like walking around the room with your shirt partly pulled over your head. this is her version of a helmet. not only did sweet cheeks make everyone laugh here, she was cracking herself up.

the barnegat light... ahh... yes, a trip in itself. as my memory recalled, the lighthouse was located near barnegat bay. a quick drive from where we were staying, say i don't know maybe 5 minutes. my sister was in the same thought that i was. memories of barnegat were just flooding back to the both of us while we were up there, as if we had just left it. sadly, we were so wrong about this one! it took us like a day, ok maybe 35 minutes, to get to the light house. little did we remember having to drive to the very end of long beach island to reach it. we were all happy once we arrived. it was worth the drive because we really do have memories of this place. i loved seeing sweet cheeks and her cousins get the chance to visit a place that my sister and i had been to many times as kids. no, i did not let myself or my daughter climb to the top. sweet cheek's cousins were brave enough to do it though.

a quick boat ride around the entire circumference of the pool. she was having so much fun ....in a float ....in a baby pool.

we survived the trip despite the damaged daddy. we survived the trip despite the one full day of the pukes for poor sweet cheeks.

i was so happy to be home though!

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aka Molly said...

I LOVE the matching outfits. Very sweet.