nothing left to do but smile smile smile

it has been so beautiful outside that i have loved taking photos of sweet cheeks outdoors. it is so difficult though being the parent to such a beautiful child, yet she refuses to pose for the camera. i had to share the great shots of her that i was able to catch.

1. she found a piece of pine straw. purpose of the pine straw: to poke at a spider-free spiderweb!

2. all smiles because we were sneakily sitting on the back of daddy's car. (i will shamelessly try anything to make her smile)

3. GRRRRRR- i love this photo, with the exception of the fact that i cut off the top of her head. her amazing features really come through here. what amazing eyes sweet cheeks has.

4. can you guess what she is eating? another new favorite of hers: a cannoli. she has a small piece of italian in her afterall.

5. here i am... new haircut & all. maybe i should have shared a before picture but i am sure there is one on this blog somewhere. i am still not sure how i feel about it. it is a nice cut but doesn't really have much WOW factor.

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aka Molly said...

LOVE the haircut! "You're beautiful, it's true".