i seriously wish that i enjoyed picking out my clothes each day as much i do for sweet cheeks. her closet is always so organized. her clothes are always put away. her socks are always matched. her room is never out of order. i wish i applied the same TLC to my own bedroom, closet, and wardrobe. but i don't. maybe smaller clothes are just cuter. maybe it is the fact that clothes in the size 2T range are about a 1/3 of the cost of my own, on a sale day! so here is another oh-so-sweet picture of sweet cheeks in her leggings. she has them in black and purple as well, but the brown just seem to coordinate so much more with everything.

(in case you are wondering what is in her hand, it is a fruit loop straw. a current favorite of hers!)


i have found some sweet hairclips to buy for sweetcheeks from my new favorite website, etsy. i love the colors and shapes of these clips, plus the price isn't that bad at $6.50 per clip. no doubt they will coordinate well with the rest of sweet cheeks fall attire. luckily, she is still at an age in which mommy can pick out her clothes without much protest from the toddler.

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aka Molly said...

These are adorable hairclips. I wish I was so crafty!