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i can not believe it has already been a week since my last post. i was hoping to make a new goal for myself of two posts a week, but that will have to wait until next week.

this picture of sweet cheeks is of her eating her first candy corn of the halloween season. though, she is eating gourmet candy corn that is strawberry cotton candy flavor. i must say it is yummy. we both like it! i have noticed though that not everyone likes candy corn. i guess it is an acquired taste. she is also wearing her new june, from little einsteins, hooded tee. what a cutie in it. she insisted on wearing the hood all morning long.


I now have a really cute story to share about sweet cheeks. i was finished getting ready this morning and grabbing everything that i needed to take with me downstairs so i would not forget anything. i quickly put a tampon in my front pocket. i went to sweet cheeks room to get her ready. she quickly pointed at the tampon in my pocket to ask what it was. i just told her it was something for mommy. we both walked out of her room. i went to her bathroom to get a wash cloth to wet her hair(who knew even toddlers get bedhead). she went into my room. next thing i know, she walks into the bathroom where i am standing and she has a tampon sticking out of her pocket as well. i laughed, for many reasons. i laughed that she knew where i kept my tampons. i laughed at her for putting it in her pocket. i laughed at the sheer sweetness of the story. i laughed because i was ecstatic about just how lucky of a mother i am. such a small story but it says a lot about how much my kid takes in what i do daily. she is so quick to imitate me, or her daddy. it really made me realize just how careful i have to be with all of my actions, big and small, since my toddler, the sponge, has her eyes on me all of the time.


have you seen this book yet? i plan on getting it. i love the basic concept of sneaking veggies into sweet cheeks food, still offering the whole veggie on the side. that is what it takes to get kids to eat veggies these days, well my kid anyway!

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