for shame

i was doing some research for a particular style tee when i happened to come across a website that sold barely anything. however, my heart stopped when i saw this poor child. i could not believe any parent, in this day & age, would allow this to happen to a boy. this photo is out there.. on the net.. for the whole wide world to see. it is disturbing and you know the child will be haunted by this picture FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE! i will let the photo speak for itself now-

how could anyone let a little boy have such a horrific MULLET! shame on you parents for exposing your child for the purpose of self betterment. how dare you allow this mullet child to be the face of your site. i won't even begin to touch the fact that this child is wearing a tie tee! oh i am certain they had you fooled at first, that little mullet man was wearing a real checkered tie. but contrary to what you may have thought, the tie is not real. it is just screen printed on that shirt. two wrongs in this picture certainly do not make a right! i thought of will ferrell for a minute as "mugatu" in zoolander since he invented the original keyboard tie. to quote sweet cheeks dad, the mullet is business up front and party in the back.

the good news is that for all the bad sites out, there are many good ones. i absolutely fell in love with the adorable outfit below from glug baby. they have a lot of other great clothes that i would love to get. can't you just see sweet cheeks in this one:

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