strike a pose

someone 3 years old and seriously cute recently took part in a photo shoot for a certain children's clothing company. that someone did a great job too! she so enjoyed sitting there for hair & make up(sounds like more than it really was- it just involved some cheek stuff, lip gloss, hair brush, and hair clip). i was quite impressed with just how still she sat while others messed with her. then the picture taking began. i think it was a bit intimidating to her since there were so many people involved. my thought, as the parent to one taking part in said photo shoot, is that it should have been only the photographer, sweet cheeks, and myself. never mind the other 4 random people involved, all yelling out "smile" at different times. overall though, she did great and was happy to get a lollipop reward afterwards. now the results of the shoot-


Sara said...

Adorable pictures!

Mom said...

Your little girl is as cute as my little girl.

Beth said...

Those pictures are too cute! They are growing up soooo fast!