i gotta say it was a good day

i am quick to try and seize any opportunity for good weather or a good outfit with some pictures. so saturday happened to be a little bit of both, a sunny day and sweet cheeks was wearing a cute outfit that she put together. the girl is very much into picking out her own clothes, even her pjs. though, given the chance, she will always either pick her pink carter's tee with little girl on it, or her pink flower alamo shirt that aunt molly gave to her(pretty sure i have mentioned that before). i remember my mom and sister teasing me when i was in the 3rd grade, or so, over the fact that i always wanted to wear the same one outfit day after day. i don't have a great memory (though my sister does) but i think it was a pair of jeans and a pink sweater. so that being said, maybe i passed this off onto my child. the love of one outfit in clothing that is. i find it sad some days because as you can guess, sweet cheeks has a closet FULL of the cutest clothes that she just doesn't find to be pretty. WHAT! i know, she is something else.

so here we are, 'so happy together'

don't tell bodi but i think sweet cheeks has a favorite dog!

riding her bike (notice she is wearing her helmet this time and has her bag with her in the trunk)

and not to be forgotten, my bodi girl

oh what a sweet face she has. i love this photo

she has officially been introduced to the timeless treat of the push-up. only how fun, these are cotton candy flavored. i actually was a little let down when i went to get one to see it was that flavor, not the orange sherbert ones(i know, i spelled it like i pronounce it). she was having so much fun with them though.


Bettina said...

What a great picture of the two of you. You look great, but I must say you are pretty brave for wearing white. I simply can't wear that color with Lucas around - they just don't stay clean, LOL!!

aka Molly said...

I love your hair length! Looks like you guys are enjoying summer.

Carly said...

You look fantastic! What a great shot of you both. You look so happy to be a mom!