it works it works

i got lucky. i wiggled and jiggled the memory card and after a few minutes, my computer picked up on it. i was able to grab the pics and throw them onto the desktop. that was a very long 3 minutes to get those 150 pics off my camera. now i just have to get a new memory card.

i have very random memories from my childhood. a few of those being the things i loved to have done to my hair. one was the french braid. it was a bit twisted just how tight i used to have my aunt pull my hair into that braid. i may have looked chinese at the time due to the braid pulling my face back to far. i don't even know how this type of braid is done. i have tried doing it to sweet cheeks hair but it does not look good at all. another favorite was sleeping in the pink foam curlers. do you remember these?

i wonder now how i ever slept with those things on my head in the first place. it does not seem like it would be comfortable. but boy how i loved the feeling of taking them out in the morning and seeing a head full of curls. lastly, i remember getting out of the bath and my mom braiding my hair in about 6-8 braids which would magically create my wavy locks. these seem a bit easier to sleep in than those curlers. and once again, i loved that moment when the ponytail holders came out and i could shake the braids out to see all the waves.

so i tried introducing sweet cheeks, to what i hope to become a childhood memory for her as well, a week or so ago. she had just gotten out of the tub, so her hair was still wet. i asked her if she wanted me to put lots of braids in her hair so in the morning she would have wavy hair. she was excited about it, and did an amazing job of sitting still for a good 10 minutes while i put the braids in. it was so cute to see on her.

here she is sporting her pj's and braids proudly-

sadly, i forgot to take the "after" picture of her. will definitely do that next time!


you will never believe what i did last weekend? if going yard sailing with the husband and kid was your answer, you are right. i wasn't happy about it but went under the pretense that we were going to a neighborhood festival afterwards, which didn't even happen. talk about false pretenses! we went to about 4 houses and i had enough. i just didn't enjoy getting in and out of the car to rummage through other people's junk. that being said, it was pretty fun seeing sweet cheeks do it. she was an old pro and totally loved every minute of it. the good news is though the last house we happened upon had some great stuff that was actually handmade. i snatched it up for sweet cheeks room. i got her this chair, mirror, a little felt purse, and a cute girly face with foam hair to hold rubber bands. it was all so cute and perfect for the princess.


so awhile ago i posted this picture of the handmade vanity that i feel in love with from oohdeedoh.

so i attempted to make my own version for sweet cheeks. it turned out pretty cute and she actually uses it. i filled the buckets with lip gloss, rubber bands, hair clips, and hair brush, then put a pink stool in front of it. it obviously isn't a spitting image replica but the purpose is the same. she is too cute dolling herself up!


Sara said...

That's so funny about the french braiding- my Aunt also braided my hair for me! She looks so cute in those braids- too bad we don't get to see the wavy after-hair.
I love your vanity you made- great job! I may have to get some tips to make catherine one. Or maybe you want to make her one? (her b-day is soon :) )
I love your yard sales finds!! Too cute!!

Beth said...

Love the braids and the braid stories! I used to have mine done like Laura Ingall and thought I was really cool! As for the french braid, I actually know how to do it. Seeing as I will prob. NEVER :) get to practice on my own little girl, maybe I could practice on sweet cheeks :) She is looking so grown up!