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could i have taken any longer to post again! one full week. the first few days of no posting was because i had forgotten my camera at a friends house. the last two days was because i had come down with something. laziness. i hear it is going around, so i can't confirm who i caught it from. i am a bit better today.

a friend of ours was kind enough to host a kid-friendly valentine's party saturday night. it was a perfect way to get the kids together, which kept them entertained, and allowed the adults to have some talking (drinking) time. it couldn't have gone any better. she even coordinated fun activities for the kids to do- cut and decorate heart cookies and hand prints on a valentine poem. it was sweet. all of the kids had a great time, including my niece who came along with us.

once sweet cheek's cousin arrived at our house saturday night, she decided to run upstairs to change, in order for them to be dressed alike. she did a great job of matching up the outfit. she even brought down a tiara for her cousin to wear since she of course had to wear one.

sweet cheeks eating pizza at the party. i love this picture of my sweetie.

all of the kids (and wow, there were a lot!)


sweet cheeks and i went to tj maxx together the other day. it was a fun trip. she was even patient enough to let me look at the home stuff. normally, she runs out of patience quite quickly and wants to head to the kids section immediately. so while we were there, we found this really darling dress for her that came with a matching doll dress. we could not turn it down. i knew she and phoebes would be the absolute cutest things in the world in them. oh was i so right.


if you didn't see last weeks snl episode in which alec baldwin hosted, you really missed out. it was one of the funniest episodes ever. can't say that i like him much as a person, but my gosh he is always phenomenal on snl! cracks me up.

this was the FUNNIEST SKIT EVER. i was in tears while my stomach was cramping from laughing so hard. (especially at "he has straight hair and his eyebrows look like they were drawn in with a sharpie)

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