fun dip

sweet cheek's cousin gave her a fun dip a few weeks ago while we were visiting the grandparents. she absolutely loved it. what isn't there to love about dipping a sugar stick into flavored sugar and then licking it off?

she had her second one last night. the emphasis being on the "night" portion of that sentence. sweet cheeks was awake till 9:45pm! i think we learned our lesson there.

here she is, feet propped up casually eating her fun dip while wearing a very mismatched outfit.

life is sweet!


found a new, adorable shop through etsy called snuggle bug baby boutique, though she sells things for toddlers as well. go take a look.

i ordered this little outfit for sweet cheeks. instead of the flower, i am having sweet cheeks first initial put on it. i absolutely love amy butler fabric, for the prints and the colors. when we get the outfit, i will take sweet cheeks picture in it for you to see.


Sara said...

I love the outfit- cute clothes on that site!
Glad she loved her late night sugar high, lol :)

Jeremy said...

dannnng she's getting bigger more quickly these days. she looks more like a little girl than a toddler, that's for sure!