tuesday happiness

there have been several things that i have been happy for today, as well as the past few days. i thought i would share them-

1. today is the husband's birthday- i am thankful for him but sad he wasn't here today for us to celebrate with him.

2. today is my dad's birthday- i am thankful for him and happy he was here at my house to celebrate it.

3. today is the husband's grandma's birthday- sweet cheeks calls her GG.

4. today my niece was born- madeline frances. she is sweet cheek's 8th cousin and weighs 8lbs. she is absolutely beautiful and i can't wait to hold her.

5. today was pizza night. good stuff. sweet cheeks wore her cinderella dress and tiara for the occasion.

6. sweet cheeks spent 5 days with her grandparents. they were here with us and she loved every minute of it. i enjoyed so much seeing her enjoy them. she snuggled, hugged, and loved on them a lot. she will be sad when they leave tomorrow.

7. this past friday marked a big day for me. i, after being out of college for 8 years, have finally paid off all of my student loans. oh yea!

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Sara said...

I love your post here! So many birthdays- what a wonderful day! Congrats on your new niece!
And how awesome about paying off your student loans!! (i can't say the same for mine yet :( )