take me to a park that is covered in trees

this past weekend was absolutely beautiful outside. we made sure to take advantage of the lovely days by doing a lot of activities with sweet cheeks outside to include bike, jeep, and scooter riding. we made sure that the dogs got lots of outside time too! though their outside time involved a lot of sleeping.

yesterday the husband had a great idea to do a picnic at the park. it turned out to be so much fun. we brought sweet cheek's bike and ball with us and ended up having a blast. plus, it was a great spot to people & dog watch!

i love this shot of sweet cheeks (and me- the one in the reflection of the glasses!)

a fun game of tag-

all smiles for our delicious lunch-

sweet cheeks actually does really well on the big kid swings now. even pumps her legs the right way!


i was looking at one of my favorite sites the other day, oh dee doh, when i saw a picture of a little girl wearing a kimono. it is the same one from lucky wang that i had gotten for sweet cheeks in ny about 2 years ago.

the same kimono is on sale now at lucky wang, along with a few other great ones. go take a look-

flashback: i love this picture of her in the kimono eating her oranges-

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