from jumps to songs

we have had 10 years of rain now and are living on a houseboat. sweet cheeks, bodi, and blue have all mastered the doggie paddle. i have learned to fish and the husband cooks it. ok, maybe not so much but holy heck does it feel like it. seriously, two weeks of rain nonstop is killing me. i mentally feel it. so do the dogs, who sadly have been walked only 2 times in the last 10 days. sweet cheeks is also going a little stir crazy both at home and at school.

to get out of the house a bit, the husband and i took sweet cheeks and her cousin to a play house. they were able to run, jump, and act a little silly outside of the house. i think they both enjoyed blowing off a little steam.

sweet cheeks is not afraid to jump-

and again

after the play place, we came back to the house and the girls were able to continue being silly. they had a good time playing with my make up pencils for a while. next was the concert. sweet cheeks on vocals and ellis on guitar-

ellis enjoyed playing sweet cheek's guitar

sweet cheeks was really into this performance

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Mom said...

So glad they were able to have so much fun.Especially glad Kanye West did not interrupt the performance.
You are never to old to learn a new skill. Great that you have gotten over you fish allergy.
Love and miss yo