10 toes, no fingers

i took sweet cheeks on monday for her first ever pedicure. she, unlike myself, didn't do the feet soak and scrub (holy geez did i need it- they were sandpaper scary). sweet cheeks did have her nails cut, filed, and painted. she really loved the entire process, right down to sitting in the big massage chair!

she was so comfortable with the whole process-

it was funny to see her feet jerk every so often. they are quite ticklish

my oc girl spent her spare time, while they finished me up, organizing the nail polish by brand, then by color. it did occupy her for the last 15 minutes.

the finished product. love the flower on each big toe. what cute feet she has


Mom said...


Bettina said...

What a fun mother/daughter outing. LOVE the last picture - so cute!

Sara said...

how fun!