i just found out there's no such thing as the real world

seriously... my 15 year high school reunion! when did i grow up? or did i?

a quote i read once from someone i don't know but it holds so true, "we are always the same age inside." that is exactly how i feel now and felt going into the reunion.

the ride up was absolutely beautiful. i had forgotten just how scenic and serene those north georgia mountains could be. i cruised the entire way with my radio up (coldplay and gomez) and windows open. so much fun.

yippy for union county!

this is a beautiful view from my parent's road. how nice to see that every day-

me and my bestest, nikki, went together. that was the absolute best part of the reunion, just spending time with her

some friends from back in the day

nikki, our great friend from high school- sammy, and me

seriously, the whole trip was great. i had the opportunity to visit with many people who were once so much of a part of my every day. i also had the time to just sit and visit with my parents. that was precious and rare.


i heard so many celebrity comments yesterday regarding the whole kanye incident with taylor swift. the husband and i both agreed that the absolutely best one came from katy perry on twitter, "f u kanye, it’s like you stepped on a kitten.” hysterical and true. (obviously f u isn't a part of my everyday vocabulary, but i found it appropriate in this context!)

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