all in the brow

i have recently noticed that sweet cheeks is very expressive when she talks. for one, she seems to use her hands quite a bit. i think she feels her hands are her exclamation points when storytelling. for her, they really add emphasis! (note-i am aware of that fact that i overuse exclamation points when writing but still can’t control myself) i also noticed that sweet cheeks moves her eyebrows a lot when speaking. not always just for emphasis but even in her daily conversation. she is just a very expressive girl. some describe that as dramatic (i know i would on others but don’t like to say it about her- just being honest here- i prefer to call her an actress. doesn't sound as negative, right. are you with me?) it is really sweet though to stare at her beautiful, lightly freckled face and watch her brows move up and down while her eyes go from big to small, all the while she is telling me about something that happened in her day. i miss so much of her life while she is at school and i am at work, so i love that she wants nothing more than to share those moment with me.

i am beginning to wonder if i am as expressive as she is. i am pretty sure i do not use my hands excessively, since i can see those, but wonder if my brows move so much during conversation. i wouldn’t be crazy to say that sweet cheeks picks up a lot of the husband and my habits, some of which are a bit weird. we both have noticed that when we talk to sweet cheeks, she really tries to study our facial expressions to develop a better understanding of our feelings behind the words. what a smart cookie!

lately sweet cheeks will ask me, “are you worried about it” or “are you worried about me,” as if she can’t necessarily tell by what i am saying rather than how i suggestively say it.

it is a cute little phrase though and i appreciate her concern over my concern.

i picked her up from school the other day and her cheeks were pretty flushed. i was pretty sure it was just from her being out on the playground but to be safe, i put my hands on her cheeks to feel if she felt feverish. her immediate response was, “are you worried about me?”.

bodi, our dog, was coughing a few nights ago. it was a strange sounding cough, as if she were coughing something up. i went over to her to see if she was ok. sweet cheeks, not far away, just watched me as i made my way onto the floor next to bodi. she asked, again, “are you worried about her?”.

what a good reader of emotions and expressions she is. i have to say though that if it were anyone other than sweet cheeks watching me so intently, i would be a bit weirded out!

she just may be the next tim roth on ‘lie to me.’

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