a silly sundae with two nuts

saturday night sweet cheeks had a slumber party. her cousin spent the night with her and what a time they had.

my sister and i are best friends. we are so fortunate to have one another (i, mainly, am the lucky one!). the fact remains that neither of our daughters has a sister, but believe both girls are lucky to have one another. i think cailyn is going to be the closest thing sweet cheeks gets to a sister. and they do behave like sisters!

so saturday night was a great time for both.

they pulled out all the silliness possible!

it started out as a simple picture of the girls laughing during snack time....

and it turned into a photo shoot of 2 major silly gooses....

the girls ended the night by sleeping in sleeping bags on mattresses that were on the floor. it doesn't get any better than that. really. it doesn't.

i so love watching them together and imagine it is a preview into the past of what my sister and i were like.

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Mom said...

Such, sweet, silly, beautiful girls.
They do remind me of two other sweet, silly, beautiful girls.
I love all four of these sweet, silly, beautiful girls and am so blessed by each one. I love you more than you can know.