fly away sweet bird of prey

i ended up finding this purple, glittery tee at old navy. maybe it is a batman tee, but i told sweet cheeks it is bat girl tee. she loves it. i mean why wouldn't she.
it SPARKLES doesn't it.

brushing her teeth before school wearing her tee-
(blurry pic taken with the husband's phone)


my husband, the good husband that he is, got ME a new phone. normally i take his old phones as really don't care one way or the other. but recently i have been feeling the pressure to get something new, something cool, something that isn't an old pink razor flip phone, something that i can easily text with and lets me take my own pictures! so that is what he did. he got me a phone that lets me do all of those amazing things. it's a mytouch 3g w/google. now i just have to learn how to use it. i feel like the old grandparent that was just introduced (or nicely forced) to emailing by the kids and grandkids.

isn't she pretty-

thanks husband.

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aka Molly said...

Elizabeth just said, "Wow, she's batman girl!"