all treats, no tricks, and some rain

my mom sent sweet cheeks a pumpkin decorating set that she had made. it turned out so, so cute!

what a cute pumpkin cat!

halloween was routine for us this year, with the addition of the rain and cold weather! nothings ruins trick or treating faster than those two things, especially when they happen together. actually, the good thing is that it really only ruins it for the parents. the kids are never bothered by anything on one of their favorite holidays. pretty sure that there is nothing that could keep them from a. dressing up and b. free candy. nothing.

sweet cheeks, the husband, and i went out to my sister's house. we joined them as well as some friends and their kids. we've all been getting together for the last 4 years (minus 1 when sweet cheeks had bronchiolitis). it is always so much fun. i really love just seeing them all grow up together.

the girls were so cute. so cute! they all had different costumes but were all witches. the 3 most adorable witches, possibly EVER.

3 witches, 1 Gangsta, and a Ghost walk into a bar.....

my witch, still dry and warm

witch hugs are the best

sweet cheeks did a great job trick or treating. once we got outside, hadn't even hit one house, she realized it was cold and put her coat on. i love my smart girl. we even used her umbrella a few houses into it. it didn't take her long to realize that her ghost was full and we could go home, get warm, and eat all the candy she possibly could while the other kids went a bit longer.

the stash! it is going to last a long, long time. i think she has only eaten maybe 3 or so pieces since. probably forgot about it and i will not remind her. i have no problem eating it all myself. isn't that my job as her mom?


melissa said...

We had so much fun!!!

Mom said...

You are all making such special memories for the kids, and the parents.
Glad you had a good time and that the rain did not deter you.

Sara said...

you had yourself a cute witch!!

Sara K said...

For sure - those were the CUTEST witches ever! Kyra has the same ghost bag and has been using it for years! Love that it folds up for storage and takes up no space vs. the big orange pumpkin buckets!

Joanie said...

What a cute witch!! That was always my favorite costume as a kid. I think I was a witch 4 years in a row!