from memory to reading

i would say for the past 9 months or so sweet cheeks has identified herself as a reader. she couldn't really read, but she was great at telling the stories from both memorization and picture.

i am so happy to say that sweet cheeks is now a real reader!

she is doing great at reading her bob books. these tiny books for new readers are amazing.

my eyes seriously watered up the other day when she was reading to me. i can't help that. i am her mom after all. i was never so mushy before sweet cheeks. it was the sweetest thing ever hearing her sound out words. i love that these books are building her in self confidence with reading. she is proud of herself and she should be.

another thing she is doing lately is word searches. she is quite good at them considering she doesn't know half of the words, but finds them based off of the letters alone. she is very patient with it. the only thing that was hard for her at first was the sharing of letters in more than one word. she didn't want her circles to overlap. i think she has let that one go though.

i love watching her learn and grow every day!

i can't believe she is almost 5. where did my baby go?


Bettina said...

WOW - WTG SCC! Lucas is no where near that. We're still working on learning letters.

JD said...

Isn't it amazing when they surprise you like that?! WTG Sweet Cheeks!