i'm a little bit country, he's a little bit redneck

the husband races motorcycles. he has done this since the day i met him. of course it isn't my favorite thing about him (probably my least favorite thing if i am being honest) simply because it scares me. it's dangerous. it's fast. more than once has he broken a bone. several bones. but the one thing that i don't like about him is also one thing i admire about him. he loves it. he is passionate about it. he has a hobby and he is so good at it. this is why i would never want him to quit. i can't ask him to not do something that i know he loves and enjoys so, so much. it reminds me that i need a hobby!

the day we found out sweet cheeks was going to be a girl was one of the best days of my life. i did have that quick moment when i felt sad that the husband wouldn't have a mini him to share his love of motorcycles with.

i shouldn't have ever let that thought cross my mind. the husband has a daughter that he can share his love of motorcycles with.

last saturday we had a family outing to supercross. it was so much fun. sweet cheeks was so enthralled with it, so much more than i had expected. turns out that the husband and sweet cheeks have several things in common, and having fun watching dirt bikes jump is one of them.

sweet cheeks and her daddy when they walked in to supercross
lots of dirt
so happy together
it was adorable... sweet cheeks wore her motorcycle gloves to the event
me and sweet cheeks sporting our matching ear plugs and plaid shirts
nothing says supercross like some old fashioned fun dip
smiling before we left

it turned out to be such a fun day. i know you will see pictures in the future of sweet cheeks on her dirt bike. oh yes, she has one. she and the husband will be riding together before long.


JD said...

That's Awesome! So sweet that she also loves her Daddy's hobby!

Mom said...
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tiffany said...

that is adorable! what a fun hobby for them to have together!

Jeremy said...

oh, you have a hobby...her name is sweet cheeks. :)