it's my party.. part 1

we started celebrating sweet cheek's 5th birthday with a build-a-bear friend party last weekend. she had so much fun with all 8 of her friends. after the bear making (though she really made a rabbit which she named poppy- cute, right), we headed to the mall food court for some cupcakes and a carousel ride. she really had such a great time.

here she is in her birthday outfit before we headed to the party. sweet cheek's talented grandma made it for her. i found it on etsy but shhhh, don't tell. i had my mom make it instead! she is that good.
sweet cheek's headband is from target. her tutu is crew cuts.

the kids doing a big stretch before the bear making begins
sweet cheeks and her cousin waiting for their animals to be stuffed
what a beautiful, happy face. i think she smiled the entire day!
all the kids and their new "friends"
cupcake time in the food court. they were delicious!
and don't ask me why, but sweet cheeks wanted to rake once we got home. i must admit, she is pretty good at it!
we ended up giving her a kid sized broom, mop, and rake for her birthday. it felt so wrong yet so right.

more pictures to come from her actual birthday.
seriously, 5 already! i am still adjusting to the sound of that.

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