"i am not your rolling wheels...

i am the highway."
thank you audioslave.

sweet cheeks and i are rollin' in new wheels. and i must say, i love it.
i'd even go so far as to call it awesome.

when we started looking at new cars, i actually test drove a few minivans. i never really wanted to be a mother of 1 driving a minivan but quite honestly, i love the space. so for comfort and the ability to let my sister and her family ride with us, i was willing to be that mom. it just didn't feel right though. i drove the most popular vans out there and they just weren't for me. (so happy about that now)

so we went with the volvo xc90 in green. it isn't brand new but it is still new to me. i'll take it!

love love love it.

my two favorite things about the car are:

1. the extra two seats in the back that allow us to have 7 people- perfect for my little family of 3 and my sister's family of 4!

see the extra seats behind sweet cheeks smiling face...

(*note-she was getting out of the car here, that is the only reason she wasn't in the booster seat next to her)

2. the stereo actually tells me the song and artist playing. thank you technology! though i was using shazam on my phone before that, this works much better while driving!

see... i was jamming to snow patrol's "just say yes."

it's the simple pleasures in life.


Bettina said...

Wow! Great looking ride. Congrats! SCC is so adorable in that shirt.

Jeremy said...

hey, i use shazam too. it's pretty handy.