all she wants to do is ride

sweet cheeks and the husband rode her dirt bike yesterday. of course i worry about her on it. how can i not. she is my fragile, little girl. well, fragile in my eyes. but that aside, it was adorable. it was the sweetest thing to see the huge smile on her face from the excitement of riding with her daddy on the dirt bike. i loved watching the two of them together.

sweet cheeks could initially tell i was nervous about it. without hesitation, she quickly told me that i "better get used to it because dad and i like it." nice. how easily she puts me in my place.

and the girl in me gladly admits that like sweet cheeks i love her dirt bike wardrobe! oh her boots, her gloves, her riding shirt, helmet and goggles! she rocks them all.

sweet cheeks waiting for her daddy to get her

about to ride

apparently, by the looks of her, riding is exhausting!


Bettina said...

How adorable is that? I love her gear.

Mom said...

She is such a well rounded little girl, ballet recital one weekend dirt bike the next.