can we ride

we spent last weekend up at my parents house. all of the family was there to have a farewell dinner for my little brother, who left for the army on monday (yeah, i said army. i still can't believe it myself). it was such a fun time being with my parents, brothers, and sister. i know sweet cheeks had so much fun playing outside the entire time with all of her cousins. thankfully the weather was beautiful.

seriously, you could never know the amount of joy that this tractor gives to the kids. they rode on it for so long! thankfully my niece is old enough to drive the younger kids around while we sat, watched, and enjoyed the moment.

my brother even got in on the fun

they were all singing taylor swift songs

(look at those girls rockin' the glasses!)

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Mom said...

You're right, it's always so much fun when we all get together. Why don' we do it more?