running with scissors

i will keep this post short and to the point.

sweet cheeks and her cousin cut their own hair sunday night at our house while they were supposedly playing upstairs. my one-lengthed hair girl gave herself bangs. my niece gave herself a layer of even shorter bangs.

i was a bit shocked. i think the husband and sister-in-law were a bit shocked. but why? don't all girls cut their own hair at some point in their life? pretty sure they do. i did. and i guess sweet cheek's time was now. i'm just thankful it wasn't really that bad of a cut.

i asked her to next time just tell me when she wants a haircut and i will gladly take her for one.

i took her last night to snip-its to get it cleaned up and evened out. i will try to share pics of her new do soon!

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Bettina said...

I was expecting a lot worse. From the picture it don't look too bad, phew!