friday night with a carnie

so once a year our little town hosts a very fun (and a bit odd) carnival. we look forward to it every year. each year is more fun than the year before. sweet cheeks gets taller and taller, the carnie workers get crazier and crazier, and the rides get louder and louder. all of which makes for a fun family time. we were there both friday and saturday night. thankfully the husband was willing to ride most of the rides with sweet cheeks. they are so much more adventurous than me ( most people are- who am i kidding!). specifically, i am so happy to not have had to ride the ferris wheel. oh how i hate heights. especially when the heights involve a scary, rusty, squeaky traveling ride! no thanks.

we went to the carnival friday night with two sets of friends of ours. i think sweet cheeks also enjoyed having the kids to ride with. i love that she has so many buddies. they are always so sweet to watch together.

here are the kids on the first ride of the night. it was a huge teddy bear that spins around and around. how cute are the 5 of them all together in there.

this is my action shot of sweet cheeks on this spinning swing ride. i even rode it with her. made me a bit nauseous. thankfully we had dinner after this ride, not before.
sweet cheeks and her friend, rebecca, dancing. there is always time for busting moves at the carnival.
licking her sticky cotton candy fingers.
bumper cars. sweet cheeks is a crazy driver. pretty much all of the 5 year old drivers were.
sweet picture despite the poor quality. we stayed out friday night till 10:30pm! they probably could have gone longer!
best friends

i have mentioned it a time or two how sweet cheeks tries to dress like me. she is always putting on my glasses. so the other day on one of our many weekend trips to claire's, i saw these fake glasses. sweet cheeks hasn't taken them off since. she is adorable in them. just look at her!

when did she turn fiveteen???


Mom said...

always fun to share your adventures!

JD said...

Love seeing the two MMs together!!

Susan said...

wow, love the night pic - the dancing pic too!

Bettina said...

I agree with Joanie. Love the picture of you with the cap on. You look great!