he is army strong

i am a proud sister.

i have a strong brother.

my baby brother, jeremy, graduated from army basic training on friday. it was such an experience. i am glad we were all able to be a part of it.

this was how the soldiers (who keep in mind haven't seen their family in 10 weeks!) made their entry onto the field on family day. it was quite the show! of course there were over a 1000 of them so it took us a while to spot jer.

i can't even tell you just how amazing he looks! he slimmed down over 20lbs. i think half from the hard work but the other half was probably from sweat. the heat in south carolina was unbearable. i couldn't even imagine doing physical work in it. standing still was rough enough on us. he also seemed so much more confident in himself, standing tall and speaking up.

my mom, sister, and myself all teared up when we first saw him!

jer, mom, and dad

with the nieces and nephews. seriously, it was so sweet how proud they all were of him. i know they were all so happy to spend time with him.
sweet cheeks and her soldier

me, jeremy, and my sister

jeremy showing kelley and conley how to do army push-ups
hanging out in the hotel room. again, jeremy with all of his 7 nieces/nephews

my brother now moves on to california to attend the defense language institute. he will learn chinese. ouch!
can't wait to get out there to see him!
jeremy- i love you and i am more than proud of you. i hope you realize just how strong you are. you can do anything! you are an amazing brother to me and a wonderful uncle to sweet cheeks. we know you will go far in life (but please not too far from us!). you are army strong!


Bettina said...

I can tell how proud you are. That was a great write up, I got all teary!

melissa said...

It was a very proud day for all of us! Conley has been doing Army push ups ever since we got home and saying, "the push up drill sgt. the push up".

Beth said...

Great pictures!! Congrats to Jeremy!!