slip slidin' away

i don't know how it happened.

i didn't even see it coming.

it seemed so far away, then suddenly it came as fast as ever.

sweet cheeks graduated pre-k!

holy cow. i just said that. sweet cheeks graduated pre-k. amazing. well not amazing that she graduated because she is a smart cookie but amazing that my daughter is old enough to be finished with pre-school. oh how this saddens me. she has been at her school since she was 2 and i absolutely love it. if it were up to me and i was allowed to make a very poor decision as a mother, i would keep her from ever moving on to elementary school just so she could remain at her pre-school. i love it that much. ever single teacher she has had at her school has had such an amazing influence on her life. she has learned, grown, and blossomed so much because of them. in fact, other than family, sweet cheek's teacher from when she was 2 has been her only other babysitter for the past 3 years. i am sad for her to leave.

not only have the teachers been such an integral part of her life, but her friends have as well. she has made so many wonderful friends at school. friends she can have play dates with, celebrate birthdays with, and make memories with. of all the 18 kids in her class, only 1 other child will be moving on to the same elementary school. and since there will be 5 kindergarten classes in her new school, odds are they won't be in the same class. i know she will miss them all so much.

here are some great photos of her pre-k graduation.

here she is singing michael jackson's 'heal the world'

freckle-face friends. too cute

all smiles

with her amazing teachers

i am so proud of my girl. every day she amazes me and gives me a million reasons to smile.


Mom said...

I feel the same way about my girls!

Sara said...

such cute pics! And I can't believe they'll be in kindergarten in the fall!

JD said...

So cute in her cap!