red, white, and blue hair

sunday was the annual memorial meat at our friends, the williams, house. and this year was even more fun than the last, despite the soggy weather. it was the first year that sweet cheeks walked around on her own to each tent to sample all of the different bbq. she was absolutely independent and adorable. i could tell she enjoyed her freedom, and was quite proud of herself.

in good memorial meat tradition, there was a popcorn machine and a snow cone maker. you can only imagine how many times sweet cheeks hit those!

it was also so amazing to see sweet cheeks run off and play with so many of her friends. i would go 20 minutes at least without seeing her. and when i would walk down to the kid zone to check on her, she would ever so politely ask me to leave. that is my fiveteen year old for you. already too cool to be seen with mom. i think this was an early foreshadowing to my life in 10 years.

here she is with her friend izzy playing a game.

and then another snow cone...

next thing i knew, sweet cheeks had spray painted her hair red and white. the kids were going crazy with this stuff. thankfully she didn't over do it. i saw plenty of kids with polka dot hair! i got off easy.
sweet cheeks came home with about 10 tattoos.

it was such a great time. beth and josh really do an amazing job of hosting a fun, family event. we look forward to this time so much each year. can't wait for next year!


so we are heading out for a family vacation tomorrow. yippy. i will post what i am sure are going to be great pictures as soon as we get home on wednesday.

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