peace sun sand

its only taken me an extra week to get these pictures up!

our yearly st simons trip was yet again a success. the kids really had such a good time playing together all 5 days. we did everything from oceans, to pools, sparklers, bikes, games, dancing, and eating! no matter what we did, the kids had fun.

sweet cheeks at the beach

swimming in the ocean

sparklers. what a hit they were

the pool, which we went to two days in a row. the kids really loved it there

the dads and the kids did a bike ride into town. my sister and I drove in to meet them in case anyone wanted a ride back in the car. none of them did. despite the heat and the distance, they all enjoyed the bike ride. (especially sweet cheeks who had the best ride of all!)

seriously, i couldn't get enough of these 3 together

sweet cheeks watching the giant cargo boat go by the pier
the kids on this really crazy but beautiful tree. what you didn't see here in a picture is sweet cheeks jumping out of this tree, hurting her hand, me going to help her, poking her in the eye, scratching her, and lots of tears! now that i think about it, i am glad i didn't get a picture of that

another crazy big tree
dinner out. sweet cheeks love the crab cakes at this restaurant
so beautiful
i am already excited for our trip next year!

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Mom said...

so glad your trip was such a success!