35 weeks down, 5 to go!

how far along: 35 weeks

weight gained: 19 lbs

maternity clothes: i am so tired of my maternity clothes! i am ready to wear my regular clothes again. guess i have several weeks before that will happen. and ughhh... how i hate those first 2 weeks after delivery when you aren't pregnant but still look it! that is torture and everything fits horribly and uncomfortably. that stage is the worst.

stretch marks: it must be a miracle! i still don't have any. please stay that way! thank you mustela.

belly button in: it is totally an outie now. feels funny, pokes out through my shirts, and makes sweet cheeks laugh when she sees it.

baby movement: i am kicked in the ribs and side nonstop. it is crazy just how painful it can actually be. i know she is small in there but apparently she likes to stretch out as much as she can. it is funny feeling small, round things poking out and wondering just what part of her body it is! pretty sure she still does flips in there. i am hoping though since i feel the kicking in the ribs that it means she is at least head down.

cravings: not really. i just eat small meals more frequently. i get full quickly.

next appt: monday, april 4th. i will have the group b strep test at that time.

update from last appt: i met with my favorite doctor and explained to him my nervousness over both a vbac and repeat c-section. the truth is i am scared to death of both! i feel like it is a no-win situation but she has to get out of me somehow. thankfully he listened to me, explained my options thoroughly, and told me in the end it was our decision. i just wish he would have decided for me. he did make me feel a lot better about the vbac, saying i am definitely a good candidate for it. that eased my fears a bit. so that is still the plan. we will push on for the vbac with hopes of a much better recovery with this girl than we had with sweet cheeks. of course, i realize everything can change in a minute and i will do whatever is safest for her. fingers crossed and prayers please that we have a successful vbac!

symptoms: i am actually feeling pretty good for the most part. the reflux hasn't been near as bad. that may be because i am doing smaller meals now. the only complaint really is the huge, ugly, swollen feet and ankles that i endure daily. seriously, they are UGLY and shoes only accentuate it. it is weird that it is mainly my left foot, a lot more so than the right. maybe i walk funny and never realized how much i lean on the left foot. hopefully someone would have told me by now that i walk funny if that was the case! i am doing much better drinking water hoping that will help the swelling but it really doesn't seem to make a difference. i am surprised that it is actually kind of painful by the end of the day and hurts to walk on them. i figure if this is my worst complaint, i am still doing pretty good.

nursery: it is looking so good now! i love it already. we have some shelves hung, crib mattress in the crib, rocker with cushions, lighting, and clothing washed. the only things remaining are hanging of frames, purchase of a decorative pillow for the rocker, and a changing pad for the dresser. once the husband and i get those things done, i will be ready to share pictures with you. hopefully we'll finish that up this weekend.

gear: i did get a little bouncy seat from work for her. it will be nice so now i have two... one for upstairs and one for downstairs. makes that a bit easier i think.

me at 35 weeks


Mom said...

Thank you for the updates. It is neat to be able to hear of the changes you might not mention if you were not sitting to write them. Thank you for sharing your journey.
Know that I am praying for the vbac to be possible for you. You are absolutely beautiful! I love you.

JD said...

You look great! I can't believe you are 35 weeks already! Time sure is going by fast.

Bettina said...

You look so tiny. Such a cute belly! My left food is also bigger than my right - I thought that was strange too, but I'm glad I'm not the only one :-)
Fingers crossed for a vbac.