one step at a time

the nursery.... well it is coming along slowly but surely. i should feel rushed with only 8 weeks to go but strangely i don't feel that way. i am probably more relaxed about it than i should be. i guess going into it i didn't quite realize how much work we had cut out for ourselves with this room. and when i say "we," you know i am mainly referring to the husband. he had his work cut out for him with all the projects i wanted done. what a great relationship right.. i have the ideas and he does the work. he has gotten so much completed already. i'll point out everything in a future completed nursery post. the only other main projects i need him to still do is finish painting the closet and hang 3 ledges for me. once those are done, i can start moving everything in and decorate. the fun part!

he changed out an ugly brown ceiling fan for this ikea leran pendant light

i started washing all of her tiny clothes and putting them in her dresser, which is an ikea hemnes
we are getting there.

can't wait to share pics of something special that the husband did for sweet cheeks and her baby sister!


Sara said...

what a cool lamp!
And oh, how I do love (and miss) teeny tiny baby girl clothes!!

JD said...

Don't you just love all the little baby clothes!! I love doing baby wash! Now the rest of the laundry, not so much...

Mom said...

I guess we will have to start call him sweet dad. Way to go sweet dad!