a space of her own

well i am finally getting around to posting the before and after pics of sweet cheeks room. i am happy with it. more importantly, she is happy with it! you'll see the sweet cheeks "style" throughout...

sweet cheek's room before
painted a lilac color for her nursery

sweet cheek's room after

i had to cover up the 3 pics above her bed, which are really, really cute, but from work and not out yet... so just being safe. trust me when i say they are cute though.

ikea chandelier... per the request of sweet cheeks and her daddy
ikea snoig wall lamp
target xhileration dot bedding
owl/tree decals only $9 from kohls
ikea hemnes dresser
the touches of sweet cheeks.... peace sign decals!
the corner with the chair in it is a little reading area. you can't see it but on the floor is a basket filled with some of her favorite books.
and of course her vanity which santa brought to her this year.

just the right mix of cute and colorful without being too baby or too big for her.


Mom said...

I absolutely love it!
Sweet Cheeks will you do my room?

Bettina said...

I love it.