my girl wants to party all the time

what a fun 6th birthday sweet cheeks had.

for her party, we took her and 4 of her friends (2 of which were her cousins, cailyn and ellis) to the american girl cafe. of course all the girls brought their girls along with them. what fun was had!

here we are with 4 of the 5 girls loaded in our car on our way to the cafe. look at all those smiles! they were so excited.

the girls (sans 1 cousin) in front of the cafe right when we arrived

we had some time in between shopping the store and our dinner reservation, so we walked around sephora a bit. the girls enjoyed it since they got to put lip gloss and perfume on. lip gloss makes everything fun when you are 6! they were pretty cute walking around the store in a single-file line looking at everything.

in order- ellis (cousin), hayden, cailyn (cousin), birthday girl sweet cheeks, and catherine

the girls giving their girls "tea," which was really water.

the birthday girl and julie
making a wish
please note sweet cheek's adorable birthday shirt that her sweet grandma made for her. i think this is the third year now that grandma has made her a birthday shirt. they make for great keepsakes too. i plan to have her do the same for the baby. it's a great tradition now.

a bunch of silly girls
it was such a fun time and i know sweet cheeks really enjoyed spending it with her cousins and friends.


Mom said...

What a face Sweet Cheeks, (last picture). Glad they all had such a good time.

caicai said...

i went to that party!!! =) AWESOME by the way aunt tracey i have a blog too